Document Scanning & Imaging

Businesses should always be looking for opportunities to become more efficient and reduce costs. Document scanning can transform your office by reducing the amount of paperwork and unnecessary filing cabinets. Document scanning frees up office space, reduces overhead, increases efficiency. Information stored on one DVD alone can replace nearly 30 filing cabinets.

Data security and protection is a key issue for businesses to consider. There is a greater risk of paper documents being damaged, stolen or lost through fire, flood, or theft. Environmentally friendly, long lasting, and secure access for multiple users Century Record Storage provides.

  • Document sorting
  • Document prepping
  • Indexing and organizing
  • Document scanning in large and paper formats
  • Searchable PDF formats or OCR editable text
  • Storing information to compact discs (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), and cloud storage

We are here to help will all of your document scanning and imaging needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


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